How can I contact you?

We do not have an office or a phone contact, but the best way to get a response is to email us at opwfellowship@gmail.com.

Why do you hold your event in Sequim?

Over the past 5 years about 50% of our attendees are from Sequim, with almost an equal percentage from east of Sequim and west of Sequim. This seems to be the most central location.

How do you choose speakers for your event?

Since there are so many gifted speakers for women’s events, it’s often difficult to settle on a particular speaker each year.  We focus on those we have heard speak who offer Biblically based teaching rather than those who just share personal stories.  We look for those who have an authentic presence in the Christian community, who connect well with an audience, and who have been vetted by speakers and sources we trust.  Our leadership team then prays over our decision to invite a particular speaker.  We have been so grateful that God has provided such amazing speakers for us each year.  Although there are many nationally recognized speakers who we would love to bring to our area, frankly many are out of reach of our budget. Expanding our budget to meet their honorarium would mean substantially increasing registration fees. Since our leadership team desires to reach as many women as possible, we don’t want the cost of registration to stand in the way of them attending, so our registration is far below the cost of most speaking events.

Why don’t we have longer speaking sessions?

A speaker’s contract stipulates how long and how often they will speak. Three sessions around 50-55 minutes  is the most common.  Asking them to speak longer might be negotiated but would increase the cost of the event, thus increasing the ticket price,

Why aren’t the speaker’s sessions recorded?

The terms of their contracts normally stipulate “no recording,” which is often the case since they share information on copyrighted material from their books or studies. 

When does registration open for the next Inspirational Weekend and what will be the cost?

We will keep you updated on our website, but we generally open registration on January 1. Our goal is to keep our registration cost to a minimum to make it affordable for all women to attend.  We plan to cover the costs of the event, which is dependent on goods and service, including venue fees.

How do you choose music for your event?

Often choosing music which will be familiar to women attending who come from (as many as 70) different churches is a challenge. We hope to offer both traditional and contemporary music. We ask our worship team to choose those songs whose lyrics are theologically accurate and focus on our message.  We do not support any particular music source but use music within the CCLI license of the host church.

Is it possible you would provide interpretative services for the deaf?

In the past we have been able to offer this service when we had the funding and a number of women who would require this service. We consider this possibility each year and appreciate those in the deaf community reaching out to ask that they be included.