Inspirational Weekend 2017


We continue to rejoice in how God blessed us through the times of fellowship, music, teaching, and prayer at our Inspirational Weekend 2017.  He touched the hearts of 400 women from 53 different churches to come together in unity and a desire to see Him glorified in this Olympic Peninsula.  We affirm that He is the “God of This City” as we shared photos from our communities which are ripe for proclaiming the gospel.

Women were moved and challenged by Elisa Morgan’s talks onhello “Accepting the Past” based on her book The Beauty of Broken,  “Embracing the Present” shared teaching from Hello Beauty Full, and “Anointing the Future”   was based on She Did What She Could. Those who did not have a chance to buy one of these books can do so on her website by clicking on the link for the book they would like to purchase. For those who would like to follow up these books with the online Bible studies she offers, study materials and videos can be downloaded for free.  What an ideal opportunity to Do What You Can to absorb the teaching on a deeper level.

Take a look at the beautiful women who came to the event, by checking out this video Erin Henderson put together as Candice Glover’s song I Am Beautiful plays in the background.

TO SEE THE EVENT IN DETAIL, click on this link lwhich will take you to Erin Henderson’s Sweet Smile Creations website from which you can download all or individual photos.

To get a better idea of the impact of the weekend on those who attended, please go to the Blog posts to read “An Open Letter to Elisa.”  If you have a personal story to share, we’d love to hear it to provide encouragment to others.  Please share it through the Contact Us page and specify whether you want your name published or withheld .

If you attended and did not have a chance to provide your feedback, you can do so online by clicking here.