An Open Letter to Elisa

Dear Elisa,

As difficult as it may be to put into words exactly how we were impacted by the OPWF Inspirational Weekend 2017, I will attempt to share my thoughts, along with so many others who provided feedback.

What a foretaste of heaven to see so many women from this area together in fellowship and prayer in a true spirit of love and oneness. This provided new insight into the heart of God for all of us.  The vision of our OPWF leadership team was realized as women found encouragement in their walk and their desire for extending their ministry~whether across the street or within their church.  Elisa, sharing your life experiences created a safe atmosphere for women to be honest before God and confess their own brokenness and desire to see themselves as God sees them~beauty-full in all their brokenness. How God-ordained that you would be the one to speak at our inaugural event and start us off on a path of acceptance which we hope will culminate in doing what we can with what we have where we are.

Special comments from some of the women:

Elisa, I found you to be engaging and challenging.  You were open and honest in sharing your brokenness with love, truth, and grace.

I felt challenged to step out of my comfort zones and reach out to those who don’t fit in my “circle.”

Average is beautiful.  After the discussion, I would choose beautiful, and I’m putting a sign above my bathroom doorway BEAUTIFUL!  Just a daily reminder of what God sees.

The teaching session reached several of my hurting places, ie. adopted kids who have been difficult and permission to do what I can versus overdoing.

I have felt God’s nudging to do things in my neighborhood and church, and this weekend was the final push to proceed.

I loved the fellowship!  I’ve been a Christian since I was four, but the Lord showed me areas that I need to grow in my walk.

Since I am super-involved in women’s ministry and worship at my church, it was lovely to be ministered to and just relax and take it in.

I am not going to listen to the HISS because I am HIS!

God used this weekend to reaffirm His love and His calling on my life.

Being a 70-year-old woman dealing with cancer, I was feeling like there was not much left for me to do in this life.  I don’t feel that way anymore!

Elisa, I loved your story at the end about God howling for us when we walk away…..instant tears.

Makes me want more!  I will attend again.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Elisa

  1. Hi Beauties, Thanks so much for your words of encouragement in this post! Perhaps speakers don’t always share this reality: we NEED to hear feedback – both good and back – in order to hear how God answers our prayers to use us when we traipse across the country speaking to people we’ve never met and likely will never see again. It’s a dive each time! And your post-conference words lift me as I go about my regular days. May God continue to whisper His love over you in every moment and every context. You are beauty full! Love, Elisa


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