Clearing Space

Oh, that the great waves we so fear would begin to wash away things in our lives we do not need. 

Last night I saw this cleared space of sand. Rocks and debris cleared away.

I felt God saying, “See how I can do anything with this space now that it’s cleared? That’s what suffering does--it wipes you clean. Clears away all the obstacles and fears and all the junk that gets in the way of the masterpiece I want to draw on your life. It may chip away like water at a rock or come in like a tsunami and clear it all in one big painful swoop, but it’ll be clear of false religion. Bravado. Things you put your trust in other than God. Small worries and fears. Differences. Hates. Separations. Hopes placed in things they had no business being placed In. Things you thought you needed and relied on. It will show you what’s important. What you really want. What’s worth fighting for. It’ll show you what you believe and what you can rely on.”

Contributed by Sierra Stack

One thought on “Clearing Space

  1. Nancy Stack

    Well said! Suffering in the hand of our Master potter does all those things, it is beautifully true.. I love the picture of a clear space for Him to create His masterpiece…


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