The Fitbit Challenge

No, this is not me!
Photo by Matt LeJune on Unsplash

About a month ago I finally broke down to join the other 27,999,999 Fitbit active users worldwide. I had previously resisted the need to prove to myself that I am an active healthy person.  After setting up my Fitbit, I assumed my normal routine. However, several surprises awaited me.  The first time the Fitbit “buzzed,” I’m quite sure I physically jumped. Quickly I turned off the text notifications.  However, I was later surprised by another buzz to alert me that I was falling short of the goal of 250 steps per hour. Once I became desensitized to this somewhat frequent buzz (I am often sitting at the computer or working on a project), I obediently jumped into action to make my hourly goal.  What can I say? I am an overachiever. The third surprise came at the end of each day when I realized I rarely made the 10,000-step daily goal. This was going to take some dedicated work if I wanted to get/stay fit. (At least a bit.) Strange that someone my age would actually get excited when the fireworks first went off to celebrate my 10,000-step accomplishment.  Take note, my husband was much less impressed.

No this is not me either
Yeah, this is not me either!
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Then one day I was struck with this thought. What if it was possible to measure my spiritual health, i.e. a Spiritual Fitbit, so to speak? Would my behavior change if I got buzzed every hour that I fell short of nurturing my spiritual walk? And would I realize that maybe I am not as spiritually fit as I think I am? Yes, I normally have a morning quiet time, attend a weekly Bible study and go to church.  Yes, I normally pray, talk with the Lord throughout my day, and try to help others, but could I be more consistent? Thank God that He is not in the habit of waiting to buzz us when we fall short, but it is nevertheless an interesting proposition.

So, to all my fellow Fitbit users, let me put this challenge before you, particularly during this time of quarantine when we are mindful of all the changes and challenges to our present way of life. What if — each time our Fitbit buzzes, we take one minute to exercise our spiritual muscles?  The list is endless: pray for someone in need, thank God for his care, ask God for protection, call someone who is alone, recite a Scripture, sing or listen to an uplifting song, look for a revelation of God in creation, smile at the next person you see, send a text just to tell someone you love them . . . you can fill in the blanks.  [My Fitbit just buzzed to tell me I have been sitting here for the past hour writing this blog post, so I am praying for you to be receptive to this message and become part of the spiritually fit.]

Surprise! This is me after a day of hiking in Sedona, AZ

This recent stripping away of all those things upon which we have depended forces us to focus on what is really important. Now more than ever is the call for the body of believers to make sure that we are not spiritually distancing. Let’s be more than a bit fit spiritually. Who’s ready to take up the challenge?

Contributed by Nancy Vance


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